t minus 365 – return of the brownpaperbag


i wanted to do this last year, but i never even really started. it didn’t feel like it was the right time. but guess what: it fucking never is the right time.

so whassup?
the plan was to create a short film within 365 day. without having any idea what it would be about or how it would look like. the only goal was to create 5 to 7 minutes of moving pictures, that i would really enjoy watching and document as much of that process (at least the interesting parts) as possible. alone or with some conspirators – we will see.

i love this semi-daily stuff. it kept me kind of sane during the last months. and now i know that i can pull something off in one or two hours that looks as if i knew what i was doing.
so now let’s aim for something bigger and let’s fuck this up royally.

welcome to project brownpaperbag.

update: first doubts and worries

let’s face it. such a long animation is a stupid idea. commiting to a character (or some other design or story) for such a long time could be a buzzkill deluxe.
would an episodic thingy be a solution? motioncomicstripesque? characters/designs/stories could evolve over time.
but what would be the 365-days-goal? finishing one story arch?
meh. who gives a fuck? i don’t want overthinking to kill this project like so many others.

i’ll just start builing a world first and we’ll see what stories it wants to tell us…